Pauline focused view of the interlocutor. This full gray lady, dressed in a strict beige-brown dress, she first saw an hour ago, when a fight with the bartender, crossed the room and plopped down for the first available table (with the strong hope to have a drink and a bite to eat). That's all. "I'm sorry to impose you my company ..." Yeah, I'm sorry. In these banquets it becomes fun only when thoroughly abused alcohol. It seems that the process has begun ...

Pauline tried to pull from memory the name of the companion, but could not. Maybe they did not introduce themselves to each other ... Yes, did not introduce ... Uh-huh.

- Are you joking?

- Not at all.

- Okay, I will not argue with you, right now I did not to philosophical themes. The best answer to the question: do you think a normal arrange dinner for three hundred people in honor of the birth of his daughter? - Pauline spread ground salt between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand and took the glass. - In the best case the birthday girl knows twenty people from attending ... I'm with her, in fact, is unfamiliar. By the way, my dad after I had such receptions were not satisfied and would like to ... And I'll teach you to drink tequila?

- No thanks, I prefer wine.

- Well, nothing! - Sliznuv salt, Pauline drank in one gulp and hurriedly biting a slice of lime. - Mm-m, - she stretched blissfully closed his eyes. - It is fantastic! And I love tequila boom. Is poured into a glass of tequila and tonic, close the top and hand-and-and ... hryas glass on the table! And then quickly eat this miracle raging inside. - She laughed and slid down the hall look. - And who is this?

- I do not know - the lady shrugged. - But you are asking about it is not the first time.