A spacious roomwithan area of ​​35.5 sq. m. (382 sq. ft.) with a comfortable double bed. The room is equipped with a sofa, armchairs, a desk and a coffee table. You can adjust the interior lighting yourself to create any atmosphere you’d  like.

Одна большая кровать, Джакузи, Кондиционер, Телевизор, Холодильник, Сейф, Прекрасный вид, Идеально для романтики, Телефон
The price for a room is from rubles per day
3 450

Hotel "Ostankino"

Hotel "Ostankino" is located in the historical area of Moscow, which goes by the same name as the hotel. A uniqueness of the hotel "Ostankino" is its proximity to two of the most important tourist places in Moscow-VDNHa and, at the same time, the Botanical Garden Park of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Ostankino TV Tower, which is also nearby, offers guests rare stunningly beautiful views of Moscow.