About the Hotel

Hotel "Ostankino" is located in the historical area of Moscow, which goes by the same name as the hotel. A uniqueness of the hotel "Ostankino" is its proximity to two of the most important tourist places in Moscow-VDNHa and, at the same time, the Botanical Garden Park of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Ostankino TV Tower, which is also nearby, offers guests rare stunningly beautiful views of Moscow.

The modern hotel rooms are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable relaxation. The entire hotel has free WI-FI access. For those travelling in vehicles, there is a guarded parking lot. Located in the hotel is a lobby-bar and a restaurant. The restaurant serves a buffet breakfast, which is included in the room rate.

The hotel always maintains a high quality of service and at the same time offers low cost accommodations. Whether you choose a room for newlyweds, with an unusual round bed, a new apartment or a budget hostel with European style accommodation -the choice is yours.

Hotel "Ostankino" is located in three buildings, located on a same territory in the shape of a diamond. Entrance to the hotel grouping can be made from Botanical St., Malaya Botanical St. or Bolshaya Marfinskaya St..